Baking with sprouted spelt...

Have any of you all baked with sprouted grains before? I just bought some sprouted spelt flour, and though the package says you can just use it in place of flour, I question that a little. So, I was wondering if anyone had experience or recommendations regarding tweaking to make sure it works. I'm particularly interested in using it for things like scones or quick breads.



susan G. May 6, 2011
Sprouting converts starches to sugars, so perhaps the sprouted flour has a sweeter taste. It also makes nutrients more bioavailable. Experimenting should be safe and satisfying. Use experience and judge the dough's appearence.
sdebrango May 6, 2011
See if this website might help. I have never baked with sprouted spelt but am intrigued.
fiveandspice May 6, 2011
Thanks. I did see that, and it is helpful, but I am also wondering how much of a difference there is between baking with regular spelt flour versus sprouted spelt, regarding things like quantities, baking times, texture etc.
sdebrango May 6, 2011
A little over a week ago this question was asked, there are some very good answers
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