I made some pickles (refrigerator and processed) and after pening the first canned, Im totally grossed out! The pickling spice is so clove heavy that they've been dubbed 'Christmas pickles' in our house, is there anything I can add (at least to the refrigerator pickles) to cut the clove taste?



ohhelloelle October 1, 2010
thanks guys! i am going to re-brine them this weekend!
Christina W. October 1, 2010
As a long time and certified Master Canner, Kayb is telling you the absolute right way to go.

Give it a try!
Kayb October 1, 2010
I'd pour off the vinegar/brine, make up a new batch of non-spiced vinegar/brine (whatever proportions of vinegar, water sugar, salt, etc.), rinse them and pour the neutral brine over them. Give it a couple of days, and if that has toned it down some but you need more toning, do it again. You can also stick a chunk or two of raw potato in with the pickles to draw out some of the spice.
anyone October 1, 2010
The question that comes to mind is try and fix it or try and compliment it by adding different pickeling spice that would compiment the clove flavor. Say something like bread and butter pickeling spices. Not that I would know what that would do just a thought. Recovery projects always take you to the realm of the unknown.
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