What is riven



SKK May 13, 2011
Do you eat romesco while playing riven?
sdebrango May 12, 2011
Boulangere, you got that right! Well I just hope they will learn something while they are fooling around on this site.
boulangere May 12, 2011
Who seem to have lost their way, I'm guessing, sdebrango.
sdebrango May 12, 2011
So these are gamers not smammers I guess,
Sam1148 May 12, 2011
It was the sequel to "Myst" a graphic adventure/puzzle game in the early 90's.
Quite good really; I recommend both.


sdebrango May 12, 2011
boulangere May 12, 2011
Rock on, sdebrango!
sdebrango May 12, 2011
verb ( past rived |r?vd|; past part. riven |?riv?n|) (usu. be riven)
split or tear apart violently : the party was riven by disagreements over Europe | figurative he was riven with guilt.
How about that? Bet you didn't know it was a real word past tense of rive
lorigoldsby May 12, 2011
LMAO....olly olly oxen free....at first I thought these were serious questions, but then they asked "what is food pickle"? SMS...u got some 'spraining to do"
boulangere May 12, 2011
riven, jareb . . . some clues would help. Colonel Mustard in the riven with a jareb?
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