Planning to start a EMU bird farm any advice from any expert

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pauljoseph May 13, 2011
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Panfusine May 13, 2011
Never a dull pickle with Pauljoseph! what are Emu's used for anyways? I know ostriches are farmed for meat & eggs, is it the same with Emu?
CazHill May 13, 2011
You will find some folks personal experiences with raising emus here:


Have fun!

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If memory serves, there used to be an emu farm in Kent County, MD. It may have been before it's time. And I've eaten jerk emu sandwich in Salisbury, so there may be an emu farm there.
hardlikearmour May 13, 2011
Ratites can be dangerous, so be extremely careful. I'd guess emu would be at least somewhat safer than ostrich since they are smaller.
innoabrd May 13, 2011
Wonder how much difference in the farming of ostrich and emu. I've never run across emu meat here (I live in South Africa), but lots of ostrich. I wonder if one is easier and more profitable than the other?
SKK May 13, 2011
My only expertise is eating emu - had it in South Africa and in Australia. http://www.redoakfarm.com/farming_information.htm Here is a web site that talks about emu farming. Pauljoseph, knowing you is an adventure!
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