A question about a recipe: Rosemary lemon sparkler

I want to scale this for a food52 pot luck for a big pitcher. can anyone recommend proportions?

  • Posted by: Jestei
  • May 13, 2011
Rosemary lemon sparkler
Recipe question for: Rosemary lemon sparkler


Burnt O. May 14, 2011
I thought it was awesome Jen - thanks for serving! Very light and refreshing, and just enough pucker from the lemon without being too sweet.
lorigoldsby May 13, 2011
We served a very similar cocktail last year at our 25th wedding anniversary. To expedite the bar I did as vvvanessa suggested and had it premixed (I used a punch bowl) EXCEPT for the champagne....then each individual glass was "topped off" with the champagne. We used the Barefoot Bubbly and it accentuated the lemonade nicely. Congrats to Fiveandspice....I wish you many wonderful anniversaries and champagne toasts!
vvvanessa May 13, 2011
i would stick with the proportions given. i would estimate that for one of those cocktails you would need about 4 ounces of champagne/prosecco, depending on the wine and your taste. however, if you have the option, it might work better to build the cocktails as you go in order to keep the bubbles bubbly, maybe combining the simple syrup and lemon juice in equal portions ahead of time if that helps.
fiveandspice May 13, 2011
Hmmm, good question. Thinking the math out, each drink is supposed to be about 1 oz. each lemon juice and simple syrup, and then 4 oz. sparkling wine, so if you made 1 cup of simple syrup (what the recipe makes) and mix that with 1 cup lemon juice, you would have to add 32 or so oz. sparkling wine (or 4 cups). And, this would be enough for about 8 people. Does that seem right?! (Or you could just make a whole bunch of each piece, and play mixologist, measuring and pouring each drink to order ;-)
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