@Foodpickle Will I ruin my non stick pan for omelettes if I cook fish in it?



beno510 May 15, 2011
I wipe the pan with lemon juice on some kitchen paper and then rinse with cold water. It gets rid on any residual taste. You mustn't leave any residual lemon juice in the pan
Stephanie G. May 14, 2011
It depends on the heat you are using. Non stick should not be heated over very high heat.
pierino May 13, 2011
Not if you don't scrape the bottom with the tines of a fork (which some people seem inclined to do).
Kari J. May 13, 2011
Absolutely not!

The only thing that will ruin a non-stick pan is using any metal utensil, or a metal scouring pad, on it. Stick to wood, nylon, or silicone spatulas, and you'll be fine!
Sam1148 May 13, 2011
No, not at all. Just wash it out..it'll be fine.
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