Trying to decide between a Cuisinart and Breville toaster. Anyone have experience with/advice on either one?

Reviews on WS are pretty inconsistent. The latter cost twice as much, but I've not been crazy about other Cuisinart appliances (other than food processor) I've owned.

  • Posted by: Midge
  • May 15, 2011


ubs2007 February 29, 2012
We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Breville. After years of returning kitchen aid and cuisinart, we finally settled on Breville and couldn't be happier. Toast is perfect every time. I'm thrilled with this toaster and recommend it highly.
bugbitten February 29, 2012
I think my review of the Breville two-slice toaster is still up on Amazon. I've had quite a few Cuisinart items over the years. They all died out of warranty from normal use. I see that William of Sonoma is now selling the Breville, which is kind of an endorsement in itself.
hildelion February 29, 2012
Sorry about your toaster disappointment. It is expensive, but I love my Dualit toaster. Very attractive in a retro kind of way. Built to last. And, yes, reliably makes toast well. I've had mine for 15 years.
Midge February 29, 2012
So, my Cuisinart toaster turned out to be a total piece of, um, disappointment. After nine months, it only toasts bread on one side. Does anyone have a toaster they love?
bugbitten May 16, 2011
I guess I'm too late, but I've had a great experience with the Breville. I posted a review on Amazon, also under "bugbitten".
Midge May 16, 2011
Thanks everyone! I went with Cuisinart. Can't figure out how much better Breville (and other pricier brands) could be at toasting to justify the big bucks.
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I have had my cusinart toaster for 10 years now, a wedding present, it works perfectly fine, the timers are spot on and it is easy to clean. Now for a toaster oven, the Breville is the most amazing one I have ever used.
ChefJune May 15, 2011
I have never used a Breville. and I wouldn't spend that much money on a toaster. The Cuisinart works as well as any, and truthfully, it's awfully easy to toast bread on a half sheet pan under the broiler.
boulangere May 15, 2011
I've not used either, but I used to work in a kitchenware store. Breville were the most often returned of all their electrics.
boulangere February 29, 2012
And now they tell me they've dropped Breville electrics, and that Cuisinart are the most often returned appliances. Just saying......
phyllis May 15, 2011
I've had a Cuisinart toaster oven for about six years. It's ok. Toasts a little unevenly but I'm used to it. When this one breaks, I'll probably get a Breville. I have been very happy with my other Breville small appliances.
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