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After struggling with a tiny, underpowered food processor for years, I'm ready for a real friend in the kitchen. What's the one to get?

Lynn Rugh


petitbleu December 16, 2013
We have an older model Cuisinart. I don't know how I feel about the new ones--they seem really big and clunky, but then I haven't used one so I can't offer an informed opinion on them. Having said that, if you can get an older Cuisinart in good working order, do it. Ours is probably 20 years old, we use it all the time for everything from pesto to pie dough, and have no complaints.
healthierkitchen December 16, 2013
I sometimes find that the motor of the mini prep stalls out with anything other than the most watery, thin sauces. The newest Cuisinart has three different sized bowls that nest and you can use just the top, small one for the types of things you'd use a mini.
Pegeen December 16, 2013
ATG117, these days, you can find sales with minis offered along with the main food processor. I use my mini all the time - grinding spices, nuts, etc. My kitchen is relatively small and if I had to leave the big girl out on the counter all the time, or fetch and store her all the time, it would make life difficult.
ATG117 December 16, 2013
Hate to disagree, but I think small food processors are a waste of money. Get at least an 8c model. you might as well invest those 30-50$ on something more expensive that you can use for all recipes, like pie dough and shortbread cookies. The small food processors can fit almost nothing comfortably.
Sam1148 December 16, 2013
What every one you get. Get a small "mini prep" to sit ontop of the counter. My big food processor is a undercounter dweller. While my mini-prep gets used all the time for salad dressings, hummus, dips, and herb sauces like Chimichurri. Mini-preps are cheap and only about 30 bucks. I even make 1 cup doughs in mine for crackers or a single medium sized pizza or flatbread.
Adianne December 16, 2013
Cuisinart hand down. In about 40 years I have opened three. They each have received heavy duty. The reason for replacing the first two was due to needing both times a bigger machine and simply wanting to move up to the newer models. I have all the attachments and they make much easier. I do things in foo preparations that I could or would never do by hand. Y
pierino December 16, 2013
My problem with Cuisinart in the past is that (especially with the smaller models) the plastic housing on the blade kept cracking. After this happened twice with ordinary use I just gave it away and switched to KitchenAid. I also have a Braun which is at least 20 years old and functions like a champ.

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kimhw December 15, 2013
I love my cuisiart. Every year I buy myself a new fun attachment.
Pegeen December 15, 2013
Lynn, sorry. I should have mentioned:
If you bake a lot, certain models are better for dough than others. It has to do with the blade shape and width of the bowl.
I will leave it up to the magicians here to tell you about that.
pierino December 15, 2013
I have several food processors---including one in the trunk of my car. I just bought a honking big, 13 cup capacity, KitchenAid at Kohl's and wound up saving about $80 on it as it didn't have to be shipped and they have on-line coupons galore. I'm a big fan of KitchenAid products in general.
Pegeen December 15, 2013
Whatever is on sale, in your budget range, at your local department or hardware store. If you've been using an old for years, you'll be delighted with ANY new one because the blades are so much better than the ones made years ago.
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