USE crushed ingredients not sliced definitely you get a better flavor that's our (Me and my wife Nimmy)experience with Indian curry's

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Sadassa_Ulna May 22, 2011
I LOVE THIS PICKLE (that isn't a pickle)!
Sam1148 May 19, 2011
Oh...that's not my box. It was image search. My Dabba currently resides in AR with the partner's aunt. She's a real spice nut gives local lectures about spices. She LOVED the spice box.
I really need another one soon. When I had it I had Coriander Seed, Cardamon seed, Fenugreek Seed, Turmeric, Cumin, Hot Red Peppers (dried).
(I also use ginger powder and Cinnamon----but those are in metal tins attached to magnetic knife rack).

A hint for those that use a coffee grinder: Grind raw rice and baking soda to powder to clean it. I was amazed..it works well enough you can still use it for coffee (YMMV according to brand of grinder tho(g))
Panfusine May 19, 2011
@ susan g: its a tray.that sits over the seven compartments. The lid is usually snug fitting and the tray kinds helps keep other bigger spices like whole arbol chilles & cinnamon which may be too long to stuff into the cups longitudinally
susan G. May 19, 2011
I was pleased to find that the masala dabba is not expensive, under $10 at an Indian grocery in Connecticut. I use it for all kinds of spice mixing, don't keep the cups filled. Can pauljoseph or panfusine tell me why there are two lids or is one a tray? -- what I have looks just like what I see in your photos (and Sam, thank you all).
Whole Foods may not display the photos -- try your home computer.
pauljoseph May 19, 2011
a Whole Foods Market which are the three pictures
I can't see any of the three pictures
pauljoseph May 19, 2011
a Whole Foods Market Customer which picture?
pauljoseph May 19, 2011
a south Indial Thali
how do I view the pictures?
pauljoseph May 19, 2011
Panfusine thank you for posting that beautiful spices picture
pauljoseph May 19, 2011
A sambar powder will post a very good Meet masala powder recipe tomorrow http://www.food52.com/recipes/9729_sambar_powder
Panfusine May 19, 2011
right next to the spice box is a coffee grinder i use exclusively for spices..a table spoon of cumin.. a few pulses.. & voila! ditto with every other spice.
I wish someone could help me with a pantry and spice makeover!! :-) How do you make spice powder? Do u, eg buy cumin seeds adn grind every day?
Panfusine May 19, 2011
oops, forgot to attach the pic! sorry!
Panfusine May 19, 2011
Thanks.. this was a great opp to clean out the box and refill! it..
well here is mine..
Starting with the dried arbol chile's on the inner plate; black peppercorn, split dried Garbanzo (chana) dal , fenugreek seeds, cumin, split de-husked Urad dal, Black mustard seeds and Turmeric (speckled with mustard seeds!). I tend to make spice powders as and when I need it rather than store bought, which quickly loses aroma.
I can't see any pictures
This is what I have in my dabba: cumin, coriander, garam, cinnamon, salt, turmeric, red chile powder.
lorigoldsby May 19, 2011
Sam, Paul and Panfusine.....please do! And any others out there.
pauljoseph May 19, 2011
Panfusine Why not let's start posting
Panfusine May 19, 2011
WHy not have a lil show & tell here on food pickle.. all those of us with Masala dabbas, take pix and post with the list of whats in them?
pauljoseph May 19, 2011
sorry 1 to 7
pauljoseph May 19, 2011
Great picture Sam1148 Can you please tell us what are those species 1 to 6
Sam1148 May 19, 2011
I'll add to this. Get a mortar pestle...cheap one in granite are great, about 15 bucks from a local market. (shipped much more as they're heavy).

Use a masala Dabba. (Indian spice box). To create a spice mix on a whim, to adjust for seasons, or personal taste.

It's a round steel box with containers for spices around a central 'staging area'.

You go around the spice box with a bit of this, a bit of that..toast them..grind them in the mortar pestal. Return to the central container..and use that for your 'mix' for the week--adding other spices for other dishes as you wish..

Get one with a light proof solid lid, in all stainless steel.

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