I just ate this coconut Ponju VERY tasty Panfusine what is the exact English name ?


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pauljoseph May 25, 2011
coconut embryo

when a coconut is old, it starts to form this on the inside...it tastes REALLY GOOD. like coconut candy.

high sugar and oil content
prettyPeas May 20, 2011
I love sprouted coconut--though it is rarely available in the US, with the exception of Hawaii.
Panfusine May 20, 2011
they tend to develop from the central 'eye' of the coconut (the one with the soft spot that you can just 'press in' with your thumb..(the 3 eyes form a rough isoceles triangle, the soft spotted one is the apical one). the texture is kind of 'spongy', (not stringy like regular coconut meat), with a mild crunch and sweetness. quite different from the coconut.
Panfusine May 20, 2011
yep.. its a coconut sprout.. they're delicious!
hardlikearmour May 20, 2011
I think it's just called sprouted coconut in English.
pauljoseph May 20, 2011
SORRY THIS IS THE LINK https://picasaweb.google.com/paulvj000/Coconut#
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