What can I make with beef bottom round?

I bought beef round for a recipe the other day and have nearly a pound left.

I'm not sure what to do with it.

Any good recipe suggestions?





mishale June 6, 2011
I wound up making chicken fried steak. It turned out quite well.
Thanks for all the suggestions!
RobertaJ June 5, 2011
Slice it thin (freeze first for about half an hour), pound out a bit, flour, saute and make grillades (Creole Swiss steak is as close of a description as I can get). There's tons of recipes out there in cyber-land. Serve with grits and feel like you're in N'Awlins for a lovely, languid Sunday brunch.
sexyLAMBCHOPx June 4, 2011
Unami Dust? What aisle at Whole Foods and suggested uses and/ or recipes please?
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amysarah, you are too funny!
amysarah May 21, 2011
Oops....I meant Stracotto, not staccato. Because we're talking meat, not music. I always confuse those two, after a couple of glasses of wine. Oh well ;)
nutcakes May 21, 2011
Alton Brown reccommends tenderizing it with a needling device. If you don't have one just pound it. He makes a good Swiss Steak with it, I make it for my father every so often and it is fun to eat in a retro kind of way. He also has a recipe for chicken fried steak made with it on that site. But I agree with amysarah's recco's too.
amysarah May 21, 2011
Bottom round can be a bit tough, so I'd think braise(ish) rather than a dry 'oven' roast: pot roast, or staccato (the Italian version - delicious), any variety of beef stew (from all-American to Beef Bourguinon)....in other words, long, slow and cooked with lots of flavorful liquid and aromatics.
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If you wanted a more exotic direction then you could go with lemongrass, galangal and coconut milk and maybe bird chilies for heat.
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I would probably begin by dredging the roast in some seasoned flour...maybe with umami dust and pepper. Then pan fry to sear in the juices and pop it in a slow cooker with broth of your choice, ginger root, peeled root vegetables like parsnip, sweet onion, and sweet potato. Add some garlic and ramps for flavoring. Carrots if you like them. Pretty simple, but you should get a tender rounded meal.
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