Uses for Leftover Shredded Beef

I have a few pounds of shredded beef leftover from making a beef stock and soup. Any suggestions for how to use it? Would especially like any easy recipes to incorporate it into that I can freeze for easy dinners after baby arrives in a few weeks. Thank you.



3k_ September 30, 2017
I also like to use it as a simple protein for a healthy bowl with, for example, bulgur wheat, cucumbers, tomatoes, feta and a sauce like tzatziki or the red pepper sauce from Pinch of Yum's Mediterranean quinoa bowls.
healthierkitchen August 3, 2013
Best wishes!! Definitely enchiladas - they should freeze well. Burritos would be great, or nachos, but I don't think cooked beef freezes very well without a sauce. Maybe add to lastnightsdinner's borrachos?
RespectThePastry August 3, 2013
Empanadas, a sort of Shepherd's Pie with mash and veggies, a Mexican flavored Lasagna, Quiche...really the possibilities are endless!
Kirkwood T. August 3, 2013
Chop and freeze and use for chili, BBQ sandwiches; enchiladas , topping for nachos ,
drbabs August 3, 2013
Melissa, congratulations! My mother used to make barbecue beef sandwiches by mixing barbecue sauce with shredded beef. Try the Dead Guy sauce on food52-- it's really good. XO
WileyP August 3, 2013
Tacos, burritos, enchiladas, etc. Add some to a pot of beans (western/cowboy style). Make some gravy and use it for hot beef sandwiches. Oh, the wonders of leftover shredded beef (and pork, and...!)
stagneskitchen August 3, 2013
Italian pasta sauces; fajitas; use on grilled cheese; burritos
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