My silicone baking sheet liners are sticky - it's like there is a film covering them. Is this a sign that they are past their prime (I have only had them 9-10 months)? If not, how can I clean them? I am worried about scrubbing them too hard and damaging the surface.

  • Posted by: emilyv
  • October 3, 2010


barbaraMcN October 14, 2010
I wash mine by hand, and then store them (rolled up) between layers of paper towel. They feel a little sticky -- but the stickiness doesn't spread to anything else in the drawer.
emilyv October 4, 2010
Thanks, Madame Sel. It just felt dirty, the two that I have will almost stick together if they are stored on top of each other! I am happy to hear that this is normal though. Cheers.
Madame S. October 4, 2010
I have a silicone liner (Silpat) and it's normal for it to have that slick sticky feeling to it. When I first got it, it stated that this was normal. This is what their website said about it...

How can this be non-stick when it feels kind of tacky?
SILPAT has inherent non-stick properties so greasing is never needed. Once you use it, you will see why it works.

So don't fret! It's NORMAL!
emilyv October 3, 2010
I have never put them in the dishwasher, but I'll give it a try tonight, thanks for the suggestion!
Amanda H. October 3, 2010
Have you tried putting them on the top shelf of your dishwasher?
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