Does anyone have a good recipe for kale chips?

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bottomupfood July 15, 2011
This one works for me:
Anitalectric June 1, 2011
The kind of kale chips I make are more like crackers. I use the leftover pulp from my juicer after making veggie juice (kale, tomato, and other non-fibrous veggies). I chuck it in a bowl with a generous amout of flaxseeds-some whole and some ground, a few spoonfuls of cashew cream (raw cashews and water, blended), nutritional yeast (for flavor) and seasonings. That mixture gets piped out onto dehydrator trays and smooshed into rounds before dehydrating overnight.

These are a great snack and also a way to save money by not throwing away the vegetable pulp, which is still full of vitamins, fiber and flavor-- even without the juice. If you try to buy these raw crackers in a store they are crazy expensive! Like $8-9 per bag.
babytiger May 31, 2011
I do basically the same thing. I haven't been able to get kale at the market lately, so I use the same method with swiss chard leaves. Works ok with outer layers of brussel sprouts as well.
vvvanessa May 31, 2011
i love kale chips! here's what i do:

heat oven to 375ºF. wash and dry the kale. cut out the ribs and separate each leaf into two halves. toss the leaves with olive oil, a very conservative amount of kosher salt, and a generous amount of nutritional yeast, coating them evenly. lay the leaves on a rimmed baking sheet in a single layer (you might need two sheets). bake for 20-30 minutes, using tongs to turn the leaves over periodically. they should be notably shrunken down, and extraneous moisture should be evaporated when they're done. i don't cook mine until they are completely dried out and chip-looking because i find that is a little too long. they will get more chip-like as they cool. you can break them into smaller pieces once they're dry.

i don't like to cook mine in small pieces because i find it's harder to get them to cook evenly in a single layer since the leaves tend to clump together.

sometimes i'll add a sprinkling of sesame seeds or use a little bit of soy sauce instead of salt.
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