A question about seltzer and club soda.

Is there any difference between the two?



wssmom June 2, 2011
You can, in a pinch, substitute one for the other, but club soda as jwolfsthal said, does have some sodium added
Sam1148 June 2, 2011
Here's a bit about making DIY mineral waters with the sodastream. I've tried some of the suggestions just a light touch of baking soda, and salt, and a few flakes of Epsom salt.
And it did give a nice fuller flavor like you'd find in bottled mineral waters.


gt9 June 2, 2011
spot on answers...for a refreshing hot weather drink try a "sonic"...half soda half tonic with a lime! mmmm!
phyllis June 2, 2011
I can taste the sodium in club soda and prefer seltzer. I lived in Toronto for awhile and at the time it was hard to find seltzer, except in speciality stores, and I bought all of the equipment to make my own!!
Panfusine June 2, 2011
Club soda has sodium bicarbonate which (in my personal opinion) gives the bubbles a harder stinging fizz, Seltzer merely has carbon dioxide dissolved into water under pressure, which bubbles out when you open the bottle.
You can make out a slight difference in taste when you leave a bottle of each open to go flat.
phyllis June 2, 2011
Exactly right.
jwolfsthal June 2, 2011
club soda usually has sodium added, while seltzer is usually just CO2 carbinated.
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