I have a jar of Moutarde de Meaux Pommery. How the heck do you get that thing open? I've gotten the wax part peeled so that it's pretty much within the circumference of the cork, but I CANNOT get the cork out! Help!



naishblue October 3, 2013
I am sorry lads, just read my two year old entry up there. That was a little rude there. Back than I was trying to find out why the heck they had changed the waxed lid on my beloved Mustard...real Crap that is !! but I am slowly getting over it :). Sorry again, didn't mean to interrup... keep up the good work :) naish
naishblue August 19, 2011
word to your mother !
naish August 19, 2011
you can't be searious !! I guess that be the reason why they'd change the beautiful waxed Cork lid that where handled by thousands of devotees to that Mustard over the last 300 years to that freaking plastic top lid... to adjust to the american market !! cheers mate ! just get yourself into it man, try smth out digg in there pinch it, squeeze a flippin fork in there but do not waste your time locking it up in the internet...this world is about to totally freak out.

no offence to you gigiaxline but this is generally speaking
gigiaxline October 5, 2010
Yum! The Royale sounds divine. I brought the Pommery back from a trip to Dijon. I do remember seeing a couple of different varieties on the shelf but opted for the original. Thanks for all the replies, I have some cookin' to do!
anyone October 5, 2010
Pommery has a few different mustards that I have seen. The royale is a congac mustard and I have also seen one called fireman's and a grean peppercorn mustard. I first recieved Pommery Items as a gift but found a label on the box which led me to a fine foods store and everytime I go to the city I go and get a crock or two and other things. I have been told that it's also available on line and to do a search. I usually use these mustard while serving fine charcuterie items for a party or just for making a sandwich. Usually at easter I serve the de meaux with easter ham as suggested by Pommery.
pierino October 5, 2010
A mustard sauce for rabbit would be one way to use it. But also very good with a nice game (or poultry) terrine. Cornichons on the side.
gigiaxline October 5, 2010
I have not. What is it and where would I get it? Is there a favorite way you use these mustards?
anyone October 5, 2010
gigiaxline- have you tried the Pommery Moutarde Royale-If you can check it out. Wow!
gigiaxline October 4, 2010
Thank you Kitchen Kim - the knife trick worked. And Donny, it *is* mustard heaven! Yum!
anyone October 4, 2010
I use a cork screw right in the middle and used brute strength. But like a wine cork ease up when you feel it start to give and hold on to the crock. Better that you drop the cork rather than the crock. Enjoy, pure mustard heaven.
KitchenKim October 4, 2010
Try running a small edged knife around the cork, perhaps that could be a solution for you.
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