What is the best way to store fleur de sel?

I usually store it in a wide-mouth mason jar, but I've been using it so often at the table that I'd like to store it in something that makes it more easily accessible. I'm afraid that leaving it in a lidless salt cellar / salt pig with reduce its prized high moisture content. Thoughts? I've seen corked jars with attached spoons that look cute and handy (see photo), but I'm not sure how tightly the cork will seal.

ariel a
  • Posted by: ariel a
  • July 31, 2015
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Nancy August 1, 2015
Your pictured jar is adorable, and would work.
As would whatever works for you in terms of space and/or esthetics.
Not sure there is a best.
Sometimes I use the smallest available version of a canning jar (American, Italian or German make - whatever you can get or prefer), and leave it, covered, on the table. Then the salt is protected most of the time from moisture or picking up odors & easy to use.
Also, I've never had the salt dry out, but it tastes so good that even a slightly drier than normal fleur-de-sel is miles better than a run of the mill factory salt.
scruz August 1, 2015
i have about the same conditions as berkeley but maybe a bit more fog and i put mine in an oxo salt grinder. i just throw the container in the cupboard with the pour hole open (it is a plastic disk that you punch in to open) and i never have any problems with the salt clumping. the oxo grinder makes for nice flakes of salt.
PieceOfLayerCake August 1, 2015
I keep mine in the box...... O_O
Greenstuff August 1, 2015
I guess it depends where you live. Here in Berkeley, CA, where it's fairly dry but with night-time fog, I keep some of my salt in air-tight containers and others in not-so-tight ones. I can't tell any difference at all, even in some of my most prized and delicate varieties, some of which I've had for years.
702551 August 1, 2015
I store most of my salt in tightly sealed containers. The salt for everyday table use gets put into a more convenient serving container, and I don't fuss about humidity, et cetera.

In my home, the salt cellar on the table is a small oyster shell; it holds less than a tablespoon. The salt in this cellar is usually pretty fresh as I frequently grab it for kitchen use.
Susan W. August 1, 2015
I love the looks of that little jar. I have mine in a round maple box with a swinging lid. I get my salt from The Meadow here in Portland (they have one in NYC too) and the owner told me that salt that will be used in 6 weeks should be loosely lidded (like my box and the jar you linked) container made of glass, wood or ceramic. Salt that you are storing over 6 weeks should be tightly sealed, according to him. My salt lasts longer than 6 weeks and it doesn't lose that nice moistness that you mentioned. Here is a link to The Meadow.


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