When canning strawberries in light syrup, do you also add lemon juice to each jar?

I canned several pounds of strawberries today, using grandma's cold method ( cleaned and washed fruit, added to clean jars, added sugar to each jar and topped with water; then tightened the jars and processed in a water bath). I wondered whether or not I should also add a little ( maybe a teaspoon) of lemon juice to each 20oz. jar as well?



Droplet June 4, 2011
Thank you. I didn't add any this time, either. I made some plum jam last year and did add some lemon juice in the very beginning then. I noticed that it seemed to have kept the final color of the jam brighter. But with all the water in my jars with strawberries I wasn't sure if it will make any difference.
SKK June 4, 2011
Seems like you and I learned to can from the same source - our grandmothers. I always can strawberry jam and never add lemon juice or citric acid.
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