Do you need to add liquid to a crockpot for pulled pork?

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Tony T. October 1, 2015
Thanks Susan, if only I had a Backwoods Chubby smoker I could do this how it was meant to be. But using the grill/smoke and then low and slow crock pot method has always produced good results for me and family
Susan W. October 1, 2015
I know what you mean. I don't own a smoker either, however, I make due out of necessity and am able to cook fairly good ribs, chicken etc.
702551 September 13, 2015
Tony T. September 13, 2015
I do not add any liquid to the crock pot for pulled pork. I do my pulled pork this way:
1. Rinse the 6 or so pound Boston Butt, then pat dry with paper towel
2. Trim excess fat, and score the fat cap with cross hatches
3. Apply your dry rub, either a good home recipe or the commercial ones will work
4. Set it on your grill on the opposite side of your coals, indirect heat. Add wood chips or wood pellets in a packet, give it some good smoke
5. Cook on the grill about 2 hours, or until your coals/lump coal will have a good bark and the temp will be around 140
6. Take some foil and make a ring, about an inch thick, set the foil ring in your crock, add your partially cooked butt. The roast will be elevated so as to not be swimming in the juices that will come.
7. Cover the crock, and set on low for about 4 more hours or until the internal temp hits 195. I usually set a towel over the open crock and then lid it so the steam/condensation doesn't collect on the lid and drip back on the nice bark you just created on the grill.
After you're at 195-203 remove the butt and wrap in foil and let rest about an hour to two hours. Then unwrap your foil and pull your pork.
Susan W. September 13, 2015
I like the sounds of this method a lot.
Rob W. March 12, 2015
NO, you do not. Not if youre doing it right. My wife makes a kahlua (no relation to the alcohol) pork that melts in your mouth and falls off the bone after 12 hours. Her secret?

She rubs the pork with fine red Hawaiian sea salt, about 3/8 of a teaspoon for every pound of meat.

It will draw the juices from the meat and allow it marinate in those same juices and is ABSOLUTELY delicious.

Soozll June 9, 2011
I agree, you don't need more than 1/4cup water or other liquid in your crockpot with the pork. Do save the juice that renders from the meat (there will be a lot!). Put it in a measuring cup and refridgerate so the fat will rise to the top so that you can remove it easier. Keep the well jelled juice (stock) and use some of it in whatever sauce you will use on the pulled pork. It enhances bbq sauce wonderfully for pork.
jwolfsthal June 9, 2011
You do need to add a little to start, but not much and then you will need to strain off a lot of liquid as the cooking continues. This meat is very fatty and moist (and oh soooo delicious) but as a side effect it prodiced an amazing amount of fat. Just enough to cover the bottom of the crock pot is enough, and definately not enough to cover.
I have used everything from a beer, to spock, to a mix including a little Kaluha for Luau style pork. Hard to go wrong. Enjoy.
Merrill S. June 9, 2011
You definitely need a little liquid -- about a cup of water, beer, stock, or whatever you're using should be enough for a large pork roast.
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