Rolls for pulled pork

I need a recipe for soft, slightly sweet rolls for pulled pork sandwiches. Think potato or brioche like. But good and special. Thanks !



Sam1148 January 27, 2012
I'm breaking with the crowd here. A perfect pulled (BBQ) type sandwich is super-processed white bread.
Oh yes, you can 'class it up' with a more artisan style bun. But for me, a BBQ pulled pork is on cheap white bread. With a pickle slice. The same goes for Sloppy Joes.

Okay, the ciabatta are are Hawaiian bread rolls.
KimW January 27, 2012
I love the smaller potato rolls. Not slider size but smaller then a hamburg bun.
Patty C. January 27, 2012
I always use the beautiful burger bun recipe from king arthur's website. it's really good and simple.
ChrisBird January 27, 2012
I use ciabatta rolls for this. Base recipe follows.

Instead of baking in loaves, bake 18 rolls from this recipe. It is wet, sloppy, sticky and hard to work with though!
sdebrango January 27, 2012
The screen froze the first time pardon me if this appears twice but these rolls are great have made them more times than I can count perfect for sandwiches or sliders. Slightly sweet soft and delicious.
sdebrango January 27, 2012
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