I am going to my neighbor's lake house for weekend trip. It is a three hour drive away. I would like to make sticky buns/cinnamon rolls or

chocolate babka. Can I make the recipe thru the first rising, then roll and freeze? I thought I could take out of freezer before we leave and they would be ready to cook when we arrive that night. What do you think? I am mostly concerned about the caramel goo freezing on the sticky buns. Should I stick wth the cinnamon buns or babka?

Stephanie G


Stephanie G. June 9, 2011
Thanks Amanda. BTW, you are so kind to answer questions! I can't imagine how busy you must be! I am truly grateful to have your input!
Amanda H. June 9, 2011
I think your plan to roll and freeze them, and defrost them while you drive is a brilliant one. Go for it!
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