.foodpickle, I made peanut butter cookie dough using lard (not butter) but it's way too dry. Can I salvage it? (Don't want to add butter).



alphamango June 9, 2011
Are you not wanting to add butter because you have dairy/lactose issues?

I'd add an egg to help loosen up the batter.

Chinese almond cookies that I make only use lard. They are pretty crumbly so I make them smaller (thumb size) cookies. You might try that with your cookies if you're afraid they'll be too crumbly as regular size cookies

Good luck!
spiffypaws June 9, 2011
Lard is 100% fat while butter is 81% fat and 14-18% water. If the recipe you used called for butter, than you could try adding some moisture back into the recipe. I'd try adding some milk or water.
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