Lacinato kale & mint salad with spicy peanut butter dressing

Haven’t made it yet but was thinking of using cashew instead of peanut butter.
I’m not a fan of soy sauce so wondered if a smaller amount of fish sauce would work?
Would love to know what you think.



dinner A. July 23, 2019
Agree with everything above and also would add, have you tried Thai thin soy sauce ( I'm kind of an evangelist for it. Its flavor can read as fish-saucy in the right context, making it a good vegetarian substitute for fish sauce, but in other contexts provides a relatively neutral hit of umami and doesn't have that dominant soy-sauce flavor that you may object to.
Kristen W. July 20, 2019
I’ve added nuoc cham (fish sauce and lime juice-based condiment) to homemade cashew butter and it’s delicious, so your substitutions make sense to me. Agree about being judicious with the fish sauce and tasting as you go, though.
Eric K. July 19, 2019
Sounds yummy to me? There are so many other ingredients in the dressing, I think that would work just fine. I'd start with a teaspoon of fish sauce, though, then work up from there. Soy and fish sauce aren't a 1:1 swap, in my opinion. Taste and adjust as you go! Good luck, Anne, and have a lovely weekend.
Anne C. July 19, 2019
Agree I would start low on fish sauce. Heard it should be used in more cooking so why not here. Just not fond of soy so didn’t want to just add salt.
Eric K. July 19, 2019
It can be overpowering, but I adore it. Makes me smack my lips (literally).
Happygoin July 19, 2019
I agree, I think it would be fine, actually probably really good!
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