What is your favorite recipe blog?

I like all types of food, but especially whole vegetarian foods, and would love to look at various blogs. Thanks for suggestions!



pauljoseph June 18, 2011
vrunka June 18, 2011
My favorite is The Whole Life Nutrition blog (from the writers of the cookbook of the same name). They focus on whole food, almost all vegetarian and everything gluten and dairy free. They make some really beautiful, healthful dishes!
Tashie June 17, 2011
i love www.latartinegourmande.com
gorgeous photography and beautiful food, lots of veg, and mostly gluten free.
KaleHog June 16, 2011
A few of these have been said but these are the food blogs that I check everyday or week. They are insanely well put together. Works of art in themselves. I also have a better list on my blog.
Seven Spoons
101 Cookbooks
And I like the Whole Foods Cooking Blog based in Rockville,MD
Happy reading!
Sprouted Kitchen
Fried Eggs and Toast
lovesitc June 15, 2011
Here are a couple of my favorites, which I've been visiting for years now and they post very regularly:

Enjoy! :)
skittle June 14, 2011
I love www.howsweeteats.com
She's just got great recipes.
garammasala June 14, 2011
Here are a few of my favourite blogs


Its so true we eat with our eye first of all, enjoy.
SKK June 14, 2011
Other than food52, these are several more of my favorites.
Also, try tastespotting.com. It is photographs with links and you can search by food.
Isn't this fun?
Sarasita June 14, 2011
I visit the following, and I like many of them because they have great photos and post frequently:
jenmmcd June 13, 2011
Homesick Texan. http://homesicktexan.blogspot.com/

I love everything about this blog, from the photography to the writing and the recipes. Her recipes for carnitas and pancakes are amazing; I've never made anything I haven't been impressed by though.
betteirene June 13, 2011
I'm always astonished at the abundance of recipe submission sites and blogs, and at how many copycat recipes get published in both places, including some of the better-written and most-popular blogs. (A couple of years ago, I was searching for new ideas for old standbys, corn pudding (savory) and Indian pudding (sweet). I found the exact same recipe for Indian pudding--including typos--on 14 different web sites and blogs, and was able to trace the recipe back to its original publication in a newspaper.)

Since the inception of food52, I always start here. It's original, and it's real, and the recipes run the gamut from hillbilly to gastronomique. If I'm in a hurry, I'll type an ingredient into the recipe search box to see what comes up. I think it's so cool to say "Surprise me" to the food52 search engine and have 50 very different recipes for cooked radishes pop up, each accompanied by a very different story and a very different point of view.

If I have the time, I'll click onto the cook's name to bring up their profile page to check out all the other recipes they've submitted, which is quite similar to reading a blog they might have written had they been so inclined. If the cook has a "real" one, you can get to it by clicking the "Check out my blog" link at the top of their profile. It's always fun to find out more about the cooks here.

Another thing that astonishes (impresses) me: the number of people on this site who are vegetarian or vegan. Their recipes and teachings have helped me to balance my menus, so I don't feel any remorse for our every-other-week feeding frenzy on Bourbon Sugar Steak (which, BTW, also works with pork cutlets and boneless skinless chicken breasts, especially if you add lime zest).

I'm with Greenstuff on frequent blogging; there's always new stuff here on a daily--if not hourly--basis. And thanks, drbabs, for linking to the reciprocity page: it's so nice of the food52 team to vet other blogs so that we don't have to, isn't it?

My daughters-in-law like this site: http://www.wholefoodmommies.com/
Panfusine June 13, 2011
Susan g: Thanks so much for the lovely compliment :-) !
Greenstuff June 13, 2011
susan g is so right! I've slowly added food52 blogs to my bookmark list. As a corollary to the original question--what are some of your food52 contributor blogs?
susan G. June 13, 2011
food52 contributors are a motherlode for excellent blogs. As Panfusine says, there's a link on the cook's profile page if they have a blog. I just skimmed through Panfusine's, and it's a wonder! One good blog leads to another, and before you know it, your life is full of them. Also, use tags to search the food52 recipes, such as the ones you've used for this question, vegetarian and whole food; also whole grain, beans... once you get a foot in the door, you can't get out without overload!
Panfusine June 13, 2011
@ ellenL go to my profile page from the cooks section of food52 and there is a link to the blog. or else just cut and paste the link below!
JKF I. June 13, 2011
Food & Style (http://foodandstyle.com/)

Viviane creates the most luxurious, scrumptious, gorgeous vegetable recipes I've seen anywhere.
ellenl June 13, 2011
Panfusine---how can I find your blog--I don't use fb or twitter? Thanks.
Panfusine June 13, 2011
Thats all I write about in my blog.. vegetarian food made from scratch but it has an Indian flavor profile while looking at food from a 'crossover/fusion' perspective. www.panfusine.com if you're interested

sooo many others out there.. It depends upon what you're looking for, there are blogs that almost exclusively feature dishes from other cookbooks, others that write about the experience... you may want to check out www.veggiebelly.com, the author recreates recipes from other cookbooks (with full credit of course) and gorgeous photographs!
susan G. June 13, 2011
These are 2 I trust (and 101cookbooks.com). Then follow their recommendations, and links from comments.
Another tool -- I save recipes at www.delicious.com, and it's public. Some of the blogs give their link to delicious, so you can see what they save. If you'd like to see mine, contact me via my food52 page.
drbabs June 13, 2011
Food52 features a blog every week. Check out this link and I think you'll find something you'll like:

MrsKeller June 12, 2011
I love to bake and to read about baking so,

Greenstuff June 12, 2011
David Lebovitz. My number one criterion is that the blogger post frequently. David does that plus more.
ATG117 June 12, 2011
I think you might really like 101cookbooks, Heidi Swanson's blog.
I also really enjoy the writing on smittenkitchen, though I wouldn't say it has a vegetarian-centric viewpoint.
Recommended by Food52