Is it a bad idea to have a Cuban theme for a 4th of July weekend party?

If so, any ideas for a menu that's cohesive in some way that would be good for a 50 person or so outdoor party in the evening with lots to drink and food that doesn't require too much tending or attention (as I will likely be a little drunk and I have enough trouble avoiding injury and bad food sober). Thanks!



SKK June 20, 2011
Just saw this recipe for a great rice with mango and plantains that can be made ahead
boulangere June 18, 2011
No. Not a bad idea at all. It's your party. Great food possibilities. Have fun. Before Disney gets to Havana.
CaryNC June 17, 2011
No limits when it comes to food! I even mix parm in my linquini with clam sauce. To hell with that seafood and cheese rule.
Sam1148 June 16, 2011
A Cuban sandwich is one of my favorite sandwiches. They can be made on the grill but you need a couple of sheet pans and bricks. The flatter you get them the better.
Also, unless you live a place with a good Cuban community the bread can be difficult to find. IMHO it's essential. Some supermarket chains (like Publix) carry it, or will make for you by request the day before.
You can sub some crusty bread with a soft interior tho...a passable, but not quite there substitution.
NomNom June 16, 2011
It's Independence Day, so feel free!! I would seriously consider empanadas, both savory and sweet.
Helen's A. June 16, 2011
Go for it! Just make sure that the mojitos have extra ice & club soda in them...
pierino June 16, 2011
Or the Che Guevarra Burger. Y
SKK June 16, 2011
You could do Cuban sandwiches - with a pulled pork, grilled plantains and cuban black beans and rice.
SKK June 16, 2011
Probably wouldn't be a good idea if you are going to host it in Cuba. Otherwise it would honor a particular culture. If you like Cuban food go for it.
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