Birthday food menu madness

I'm looking for some help with planning my son's birthday food menu. His theme is Born to Rock. I want all food to have a music theme title. The party will have a food buffet, ice cream bar, drink station, and treat station. I also need it to be the following: Peanut free, egg free, red dye free, blue dye free, milk free, apple free, pinapple free, pork free and can only use whole wheat flour.

Amber Nicole


saeid6780 December 27, 2017
I like low cost birthday party.
I already found a proper tutorial in Persian at this link.
Can you give me another food?
Nancy January 19, 2015
Chocolate avocado mousse with raspberries (omit or substitute seasonal or frozen fruit). dairy free. See for recipe.
Nancy January 19, 2015
Maybe sub this and other non-dairy puddings for the ice cream bar. Another idea - search kosher food blogs for parve (= no meat or dairy ingredients) desserts.
sexyLAMBCHOPx January 19, 2015
chicken or turkey "drum" sticks
Pegeen January 19, 2015
Do a google search for "guitar birthday cake" and you'll see lots of great ideas. You should be able to find a vegan cake recipe that doesn't use eggs or cow's milk.

Whole wheat pizzas, maybe "make your own" if your kitchen can handle the traffic back and forth to the oven? Or whole wheat "make your own" tacos. You can use grated cheese made from sheep's milk rather than cow milk.

For a party favor, a CD mix of his favorite songs (or iTunes share gift) would be fun, maybe use a photo of all the party guests as the CD cover art.
Bevi January 19, 2015
Almond or cashew butter and jelly sandwiches on good whole wheat bread. Use a round cookie cutter to cut into circles resembling LP records (or CDs). Use a round chopstick to poke a hole in the center (?)
Amanda T. January 19, 2015
How old is your son and how old are the guests?
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