Submitting recipes: Measurements in grams?

I bake by weight - I prefer using grams for several reasons, but especially the fact that grams are much smaller increments than ounces, therefore more precise. I want to submit a recipe and I see ounces as an option in the pull-down menu, but not grams. Am I missing something? Is there any way to submit my recipe in grams? Please help! Thanks.

Gluten-Free Boulangerie


Food52 June 16, 2011
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Sam1148 June 16, 2011
Speaking of gram weights. Here's a very handy chart I posted other night about different gram weights in different flours.

and here's another bit about No-Kneed bread converted into gram weight (I had to go back to the original recipe for using instant yeast as this uses fresh yeast).

I keep Gold Medal AP flour on hand as most of my recipes are based on that--but with the first chart and the scale I can adjust now measuring by weight.

frannycakes June 16, 2011
Wish I had asked this question. I converted a recipe from grams to ounces just for this site.
Gluten-Free B. June 16, 2011
Thanks drbabs!
Sam1148 June 16, 2011
I know most people expect cups for flours...quite a few casual cooks don't have scales.
I didn't until a couple of years ago, and I'll never go back!
It's made a world of diffrence in baking. Today, scales are cheap and accurate. No reason at all not have one in the kitchen now.
drbabs June 16, 2011
You can write in the box, so instead of using the drop-downs, in the ingredient box, you can write "4 grams sugar" or whatever.
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