I need tech support. The Food52 website automatically deletes my contest submission

Hi Food52,

I would like to submit a recipe to your current contest "Your Best Layer Cake - Redux." Unfortunately, the Food52 website is glitching.

I have filled out the new recipe form a dozen times. Each time something goes wrong. I've filled out the form only to have the "publish" button not work. It's like my recipe is stuck in purgatory; it will not save. Or, in some cases, the publish button does work and my recipe successfully uploads to my profile. However, when I attempt to submit that saved recipe to the contest it doesn't work either. I followed the steps correctly -- I select "edit," then I select the contest name from the drop down menu, and finally I hit "publish." However, the subsequent page reads "oops! We can't seem to find that page." And then, when I return to my Food52 profile, my recipe has been deleted. It's simply gone. And so I begin the process again -- I fill out the new recipe form, and then I submit it to the contest, and then it's deleted.

I've been trying to submit my recipe for the last several days and, in that time, I've noticed that other people have successfully submitted recipes to the contest. So the process must work for some users.

May I have some help submitting my recipe? I had a lot of fun baking my layer cake and I’d love to join the contest.

Thanks for your help!

Caitlin Feeney
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1 Comment

Emily K. February 22, 2022
Hi Caitlin! Thank you so much for reaching out. And sorry to hear that entering the Recipe Contest hasn't been the smoothest experience for you. We're going to send you a note from [email protected] to troubleshoot. Speak soon!
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