How can I keep my souffles from shrinking once they are out of the oven? They rise beautifully but, if not eaten immediately they loose some of their height and look unattractive.

  • Posted by: DianneD
  • October 7, 2010


foodfighter October 14, 2010
I've seen some recipes include Cream of Tartar with the Egg whites, or using a copper bowl. This should help with height a little bit.
Serene October 8, 2010
That's the nature of souffles, in my experience. It's part of their allure.
TiggyBee October 7, 2010
The reason is because the bubbles in the egg whites heat shrink when they are cooled. It's a normal process, heat expands them, cold shrinks. However, they will live to rise again, if simply reheated. Hope this helps!!
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