Bananas are high on my fruit respect list - they are full of many good things - but beware the pesticides on the peel -



Peter June 22, 2011
Sam1148, I tried your bananas with bruleed sugar tip last night and... yummy! Thanks for adding a new and delicious trick to our family's rotation of ice cream garnish. :-)
Sam1148 June 21, 2011
I did some banana slices this weekend. Dip the slices on one side in sugar, sliced about 1/2 thick on an angle. Take a blow torch and caramelize the sugar until bubbly on foil and brown. Let cool a bit.
Serve with a just a spoon full of ice cream. It's what you want for a cream brulee but quick and easy to make. You get the nice 'crack!' From the caramelized sugar on the bananas and the cream from the ice cream..and just a spoon full of ice cream is all you really need.
mcd2 June 21, 2011
buy organic and there will be no pesticides on the peel.
Merrill S. June 18, 2011
ChefJune, I believe this may have been a response to this question about freezing bananas:
ChefJune June 18, 2011
Who eats the peels?
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