I'm making a fruit salad with kiwi, orange, grapefruit and banana. Will the acid in the citrus stop the banana from turning brown? Ideas?

Heather Bklyn


innoabrd April 1, 2011
an extra sqeeze of lemon never hurts, and tastes good too!
ATG117 April 1, 2011
I would also suggest cutting in the bananas close to the time you plan on serving. But it might be nice to give them a bit of time so that all the flavors meld. What I would do is coat them in some orange juice when you are ready to toss them in. Doing so will provide extra" brownness protection," and since you;ve got oranges in the mix, the OJ is a natural match.
Bevi March 31, 2011
I agree about bananas getting mushy. How about switching in a pineapple instead?
boulangere March 31, 2011
I agree with latoscana. They'll be protected from browning, but I suspect they'll also go mushy on you, which is probably not the effect you're going for.
latoscana March 31, 2011
It should but best if you add bananas just before serving.
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