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Morepleas April 7, 2012
You can also order one online at www.royalkombucha.com guaranteed to grow !
KaleHog June 21, 2011
Certainly wonderful! If you get a bottle at the store you can propagate it and make your own! There is a guy in Seattle who makes it with green tea - so good.
Well, it looks like a drunken pancake (that's what we call it anyways..haha), but it's supposed to be good for you (it's supposed to detoxify your body).You make a fermented brew out of it and if you drink it plain it tastes slightly like apple cider vinegar to me. Some people say it tastes like a fruity beer. Most people I know add it to a drink that's sweet. It's really not too bad.
susan G. June 20, 2011
Read an article about 'The Blob' at the Fungi Perfecti web site. Drink it, it's good for you.
Amanda H. June 20, 2011
Are you asking what kombucha is? Here's a basic definition: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kombucha
LauraMychal June 20, 2011
So good!
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