Kombucha: SCOBY question!

Hi everyone,

We're about to bottle some kombucha for its second ferment, but I'm still not quite sure what do with the SCOBY if we don't want to start brewing again right away. I know it should go in a jar with 1 or 2 cups of the liquid, but should the jar be sealed? And how long will it keep?


Sarah Jampel


hardlikearmour July 14, 2015
Make up a batch of sweet tea and put the SCOBY and a cup of kombucha in it as usual. Keep covered with cheesecloth as usual in a cool, dark spot. The sugar should keep it fed for at least a month (I've read as long as 6-weeks) -- it will get super sour so you probably won't want to drink what you've made, but can use it for the starter of a fresh batch.
Hallie July 14, 2015
You can either put it in a container with the liquid and cover it with cheese cloth and keep it in the open air (just like if you were making a real batch) and it will last for a week or so. Or you can put it in a jar with the liquid, seal it and put it in the fridge (this will last longer, maybe up to a month)
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