Has anyone made chicken quesadillas with corn tortillas rather then flour?

I have some leftover chicken from last night and a ton of corn tortillas.
I was thinking of trying quesadillas but noticed the recipes that turn up tend to use flour tortillas.
Has anyone tried successfully with corn tortillas?
Any tips or pointers?

  • Posted by: mishale
  • June 23, 2011


mishale June 27, 2011
Thanks everyone.

I just wanted to say that I tried it and it worked out great.

I heated a very small amount of oil up in a pan and then cooked them for a couple minutes on each side. They were softer and not too crunchy. The consistency (for lack of better word) was just how I'd wanted it.

Really yummy. Thanks for the help!

Sam1148 June 23, 2011
I recently got a tortilla press and started using Masa (Corn flour) to make my own "on demand". It's kinda of tricky at first getting the moisture content right, keep trying and you'll get the feel of it. It's much better than store bought.

Like you, I used to end up with tons of leftover tortillas. Now, I can mix up a few on demand.

I like the corn tortillas much much better. Also, Look for Quesadilla "melting cheese"
wssmom June 23, 2011
I love corn tortillas for quesadillas! I grill them on a teflon pan, no oil. Texture-wise, they don't hold together as well as flour tortillas - eat them over a plate - but that's part of the charm.
Helen's A. June 23, 2011
I always use corn tortillas for quesedillas! I love them since they have such a nice taste. I don't bother putting oil on them, just dry in a cast iron pan. See:http://www.food52.com/recipes/10671_spicy_stewed_black_eyed_peas_and_baby_limas_with_corn_quesadillas
spacegod June 23, 2011
Corn tortillas are tougher than flour tortillas.
Unless you crisp them up or use hard corn tortillas.
The only issue is the different textures--a bite of the firmer corn quesadilla tends to make the fillings squish out.
ibbeachnana June 23, 2011
I prefer corn to flour tortilla quesadillas, brushed with oil they should get crispy, just cook a little longer. This works for me on the panini grill, haven't tried it in a cast iron pan though.
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