Best way to warm up a lot of tortillas?

I have over 200 corn and flour tortillas I need to warm up for a wedding buffet. I want to get them warm enough to be pliable (definitely not stiff), and I imagine I'll do them in batches, maybe one fourth to one third at a time. What do you think is the best way to heat up a lot at once? Wrap in foil and put in a low oven? How do I keep them from getting too steamy and sticking to each other?



vvvanessa July 30, 2014
Thanks, everyone. I used foil, a hotel pan, and a low oven. Once the tortillas got transferred into the chafing dish, they got a little funky. I should have lined the bottom of the chafing dish with dishtowels to absorb some of the direct heat. But otherwise, it worked fine!
Pegeen July 26, 2014
I can't imagine wrapping up this much product in foil and using a small oven to cope. I say that because I assume you have other "catering" tasks during the wedding.

Maybe a larger hardware solution is needed, as you need to deliver warm food to a large group without too much delay.

You know those portable grills that can be rented, made for higher-volume grilling? They can be brought on-site by any car or truck that has a trailer hitch. They are often use in situations like this.

Typically, you would be warming other food on them as well (which defrays the cost). Planned well, it might not reduce your profit margin too much.

Otherwise, I have a question. If there is a generous bar at this wedding, people may not notice if the tortillas are heated at all. I'm sorry if that sounds rude, but... I've been to a few of those weddings. :-)

ChefJune July 25, 2014
I would separate them with wazed paper or parchment before wrapping in foil.
Susan W. July 25, 2014
Yes, wrapped in foil and heated in a low oven. They don't take long and mine have never been soggy. Crockpots work well too in case you have those available. I like the idea of doing them in batches.
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