I see a new feature! A sort-by toggle between "last answered" and "last asked."

My dreams have come true! I have been wishing for this, thank you!



ellenl July 1, 2011
I don't see any of this, even when I click on "ask a question"????????
Peter June 30, 2011
Boulangere, when you click into the first box as if to ask a question, you'll notice that there's a checkbox that says "I'm right in the middle of cooking/shopping/deciding. Please answer quickly." If you check it, the question gets some special attention.

Another change, as long as we're at it, is that now the main Foodpickle page only shows one short text entry field. It's only when you click into it to start your question that the rest of the fields show up.

Indeed, the Foodpickle's been getting a lot of love lately.
susan G. June 30, 2011
Well, I noticed RED URGENT questions, but I've been keeping my questions to myself. Seriously, you guys are buzzing!
boulangere June 30, 2011
Sorry, Peter, I'm fairly incompetent here, but I'm not finding the Urgent Question box.
Peter June 30, 2011
Yep. We slipped that in there a few days ago. And now I see it doesn't work properly. Arrrggggg! Hopefully we'll get it fixed in the next few days.

Meanwhile, I'm surprised no one else mentioned the new "Urgent question" checkbox.

mrslarkin June 30, 2011
Not working for me either.
Burnt O. June 30, 2011
I can't get the toggle to work. Am I doing something wrong?
sdebrango June 29, 2011
Wow I didn't even notice this. Thanks Sadassa_ulna for pointing this out. Great feature. Thanks food52 team!
boulangere June 29, 2011
Wow! Very cool, and thank you Peter and food52.
Panfusine June 29, 2011
Second Sadassa_ulna in thanking peter & the IT team for this feature! Thanks again!
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