I plan on making these tasty looking morsels the week after next for a no carb family member. Can you suggest a side dipping sauce or condiment to...

... serve long with them? I haven't made them, so I dont know what they taste like. If nothing is needed, great! Any suggestions for your amazing recipe would be appreciated. I jjust hope my presentation looks half as good as yours. FYI - I was thinking perhaps a chopped fine red pepper yogurt with lemon dipping sauce

Summer Presents
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boulangere July 2, 2011
I agree with sdegrango. I don't think they really need anything. The scallion ribbon adds a nice little zing of flavor. At the same time, you dip sounds fantastic, and would only make them better. You're both very kind, but they really aren't that difficult to roll. If a few tear - and they will - , scrape the filling out and add it to another one. And don't be afraid to change up the cheeses. I think bleu would be wonderful.
sdebrango July 2, 2011
Boulangere needs to weigh in but I can speak from experience, I made these and they are so tasty I didn't need a dipping sauce. The filling is so flavorful and delicious it stood on its own with the buttery lettuce. Maybe Boulangere has an idea but I ate them just the way they were presented. Of course I couldn't roll them or present them as beautifully as she did.
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