what is a good use of leftover shredded mozzarella (I'm also a vegetarian)



ATG117 July 3, 2011
How about stuffed in mushroom caps with some fresh bread crumbs, sauteed onions, and parsley, all moistened with olive oil. Bake 350 till mushrooms are cooked.

Or eggplant parm or on grilled eggplant stacks, if you want somehing a bit healthier.

Can use in a panini or might even be great in a burrito with some fresh chopped tomatoes, brown rice, sauteed summer squash. Put in pan so cheese can melt and top with sliced avocado.
innoabrd July 3, 2011
My mother is wild for melted cheese on an english muffin with a nice fresh tomato slice...
sexyLAMBCHOPx July 3, 2011
What a tasty dilemna! Stuff or sprinkle on roasted tomatoes or potatoes; sprinkle on salads; incorporate into a rice or quinoa pilaf; add to eggs. Do a recipe search on food52.
Panfusine July 3, 2011
stuff it with some panko & seasonings into an italian peppers or one of those Long peppers & grill it, or dip it into some tempura batter & deepfry even better!!
skittle July 3, 2011
What about a vegetarian lasagna? Right now summer veggies are at their peak!
shecans July 3, 2011
omelet stuffing - if you're an ovo-lacto kind of vegetarian
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