In search of a fabulous vegetarian lasagna recipe.

I am a big fan of bechamel lasagna, so ricotta or mozzarella are out :)



QueenSashy December 12, 2015
Thank you all for great suggestions, it was difficult to decide! Reporting back. Although I asked for beschamel-based-no-cheese lasagna, the wild mushroom lasagna with taleggio from Food & Wine sounded positively enticing, and I went for it. I substituted taleggio with robiola, because oh-I-love-robiola-so-much. Scruz, you were right -- the recipe is a keeper. I have another vegetarian friend coming to dinner next week, and what a great opportunity to try another fabulous vegetable lasagna recipe from this list. Thanks again!
leigh F. December 10, 2015
Ina Garten has a mushroom lasagna with bechamel that is great. I add other vegetables to it. Usually spinach and zucchini.
fitzie December 10, 2015
I would just use Béchamel and tomato sauce with lots of good vegetables. Mushrooms, eggplant, onions, zucchini. All sautéed until a little brown and nicely layered.
mickle December 7, 2015
Would LeBecFin please share a link to the lasagne recipe with Compte cheese, butternut squash, Swiss chard, and toasted hazelnuts? Thank You
Bevi December 6, 2015
Stanley Tucci has a wonderful béchamel based lasagna in his first cookbook. It also is made with a bolognese sauce, but you can substitute veggies or mushrooms.
Shuna L. December 5, 2015
I have no recollection where this trick came from (Broccoli Forest?), but a great way to hide protein in a veggie lasagna, is to mash ricotta with tofu, for the ricotta layer... or just mash tofu into the béchamel? Even the most potent haters of tofu (shhh don't tell) will have a smile on their face.
Nancy December 5, 2015
Have you seen or used Guiliano Bugialli's recipe? it's mostly bechamel and a red-pepper tomato sauce.
QueenSashy December 5, 2015
I have not... Love the idea of red pepper sauce. There are so many great suggestions, it's difficult to decide :)
bronxbaker December 5, 2015
I vote for a butternut squash lasagna as well. My cousin makes a delicious version, but I'm sure you can find a recipe online -- butternut squash, lasagna noodles, bechamel, and some delicious cheese but not to much to make it heavy.
Michelle December 5, 2015
Do you mean you don't want ricotta or mozzarella because you want a Vegan version? This recipe has both as well as bechamel (I make Deborah Madison's bechamel recipe), it is amazing! Squash and Broccoli Rabe Lasagna:
QueenSashy December 5, 2015
Hi - sorry I was not clear... It does not have to be vegan -- I simply prefer lasagna made with bechamel instead of cheese.
sdebrango December 4, 2015
I have had this one on the short list for a while now would probably tweak it a bit but it sounds great, i also am a fan of bechamel
scruz December 4, 2015
food and wine has a nice mushroom (wild) recipe found here:

i've made it several times from assorted and wild mushrooms from the farmers market and it is really a keeper of a recipe. it does have teleggio cheese in it.
LeBec F. December 4, 2015
scruz, this looks fabulous; a recipe where this particular cheese- taleggio- makes all the difference in the world. QueenS, a talented local chef serves a very simple a la minute lasagna that is pasta layered with shredded Comte cheese, butternut squash, swiss chard and toasted hazelnuts. Neat layering of textures, eh?!
QueenSashy December 4, 2015
Oh, my! I know I said no cheese, but this one is impossible to resist... The chard version too.
sexyLAMBCHOPx December 4, 2015
My husband and I love this recipe and make it often. It's bechamel based, so perhaps you could sub out the meat with your favorite vegetables.
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