Buffalo Mozzarella on a homemade pizza! Help!

I am going to be making a pizza with fresh dough and pizza sauce in the next hour once the dough goes to room temperature, and I normally use pre-shredded mozzarella for the top. I am out of that right now, but I did find that I have the fresh buffalo mozzarella available. After searching online, I have seen that the moisture factor in Buffalo Mozz can be way too watery and mess up a basic pizza. Help! What can I do now to salvage the pizza and have a great result? Thank you so much!



Jan W. November 15, 2014
It's fine to use fresh fior di latte or mozzarella di bufala on a pizza. Basically what you want to avoid is the combined moisture on the dough between the sauce and the cheese to become too much and make the crust soggy. If you make sure your pizza sauce has as much residual water cooked off as possible, and use it sparingly, you should be fine. I find the the biggest mistake made when baking pizza home (aside from not letting the dough rest for at least 24 hrs), is the use of too much sauce/veggie toppings.

I agree with the others that you can sop up some of the water from your mozzarella di bufala with a paper towel to keep it as dry as possible before placing it on your pizza.
TwoAprons November 10, 2014
I make pizza nearly every week using fresh mozzarella, and as the others have mentioned, let it sit out between paper towels for a bit to soak up moisture. I was just in Rome where they top the pizza with the fresh mozzarella after the pizza has cooked, returning it to the oven for just a few minutes so it melts slightly. That was delicious too!
amysarah November 9, 2014
Buffalo mozzarella is great on pizza. Whether for pizza, or to top baked pasta, I slice and put it between paper towels, as Greenstuff suggested - then let it sit for a while at room temp. It releases more water than when cold from the fridge. You might even want to replace the paper after a bit, if it's saturated.
trampledbygeese November 9, 2014
Mmmm... Delicious cheese on pizza!

Can you do a small test pizza before cooking the big one? Then you can see how the cheese reacts and adjust accordingly.

How about leaving the motza in big chunks closer to the centre instead of shredding it?

Do you have a hard cheese that you can blend the mozza with? Cheddar is good on pizza when blended with mozza and helps keep overactive mozza in check.

Is the crust at a stage where you can still mold it and make a higher edge to contain the cheese?

With a wetter cheese, I will often cook the pizza on the lowest shelf of the oven to make sure the crust cooks faster than the top and avoid soggy pizza.

Let us know how it goes!

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Greenstuff November 9, 2014
Plenty of delicious pizza made with buffalo mozzarella! You can press it between some towels to remove some of the moisture. And don't strew it all over the pizza, as you would with shredded mozzarella--put it in spots with some room around the pieces.
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