What are quick meals for athletes who are vegetarians?

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susan G. July 4, 2011
Here's Matt Frazier's blog, and I think he can answer all your questions -- and has some tasty recipes. http://www.nomeatathlete.com/
ChefJune July 4, 2011
Any combination of rice and beans will give you complete protein without animal products. And they are easy to make taste great with various condiments, herbs and spices.
Bevi July 4, 2011
Any quinoa salad is good. There is a nice selection on the food52 site.
nogaga July 4, 2011
A Spanish tortilla, with potatoes and greens! Super easy to make, super nutritious, and veggie to boot! Here is one great example: http://www.food52.com/recipes/3614_spinach_and_potato_tortilla
Hummusit July 4, 2011
How quick is quick? Is mejadara (rice & lentils), e.g., quick enough? Are you looking for more protein or more carbs?
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