How do you cook corn on the grill



Bevi July 4, 2011
We husk the corn, rub olive oil, salt and pepper on the ears, and place right on the grill, turning to get a nice, even char. YOu can rub lime butter all over the grilled corn, and add anything you want - chili powder, grated cheese, etc.
Sam1148 July 3, 2011
Recreate the husk flavor by saving a few tender husks soaked in water. The wet husks help steam and flavor the cob for the initial heating.

Take the pealed and clean cob and coat with olive oil or soft butter, and seasoning salt.
Put the corn in foil....nested in a cocoon of the husks, wrap into packages,.and grill 10-20mins. Depending on the freshness of the corn.
Cob corn can be a bit chewy this time of the year in some places.

I will sometimes soak the corn and husks in salt water (as mentioned) with a pinch sugar added. Which isn't really needed if you getting August or Early September fresh sweet corn.
TXDjinn July 3, 2011
In Lebanon, we pull back the husk and soak in salted water - Grandma used to get a bucket of sea water for this - for about an hour. We then pull the husk back over the corn, roast it over coals for a while then pull off the husks and finish it off directly over the coals. It was incredibly yummy and we call it "Darra"
wssmom July 3, 2011
Love thirschfeld's Mexican Street Fair Corn; he soaks the corn for a while first:
MrsKeller July 3, 2011
Check this Pickle
JenniferJuniper July 3, 2011
I like to just put it on the grill in the husk, I think it gives the corn a nice flavor. Removing the charred husk is messy, though. You can also soak the whole ears (husk & all) in water before grilling or remove husk, coat lightly with olive oil & grill.
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