I am confused as to why I had 4 responses to a question that I posted , but only 2 answers appear on the web-site.

Last week, I asked for recommendations for a dish to go with Mrs. Wheelbarrow's Merguez Sausage. The website shows 2 responses. I happened to check our "Junk Mail" box, and saw 4 e-mails had come from "Notifications food52". I am so happy that I checked, or I would not have known to try the wonderful Mufaddara with Spiced Yogurt. The other responses are wonderful, too, of course. However, we may be missing out on great suggestions, if people's responses are not making it to the web-site. Any ideas what may be going wrong?

bella s.f.


inpatskitchen July 8, 2011
I also found a headnote from nogaga went missing last week on one of my recipes. She was kind enough to add it to the comments section though.
susan G. July 7, 2011
Also among the missing, a comment I made on a recipe. Gingerroot let me know so I wouldn't wonder; I made the recipe and commented after to balance the universe. Nothing like crises to upset your day!
MrsKeller July 6, 2011
As long as you tweet as Foodpickle, that's who you will be to me!
Peter July 6, 2011
Bella, indeed the navigation changed a few weeks ago from the fun but obscure and possibly confusing "Foodpickle" to the clear but boring "Ask a Food Question".

This was a test to see if it resulted in more questions being asked. I have to go study the data to be sure, but my sense is that the change made zero difference of any kind and we'll likely change it back shortly.
bella S. July 6, 2011
Thanks, Peter. It's a wonder that more "bits and bobs" don't float around somewhere out there in the universe. (Actually, I think that a lot of my e-mails do just that.) Your answer reminded me of another question that I had. You, like I, still call the questions "Foodpickle" questions. I must have slept through the answer to this somewhere else, but when/why did it change to "ask a food question"? Did that just end up being easier for people to understand?
SKK July 6, 2011
Peter, you are so great! We are lucky to have you. Thanks for the explanation.
Peter July 6, 2011

This baffled me for a few minutes but then I realized what happened. We had a site outage last Thursday that was a bit of a mess. Not only was the site down for 20 minutes, but various bits and bobs of content added to the site that day went missing. Through some heavy lifting and a bit of luck, we restored the vast majority of the content but sadly, a few bits and bobs went missing.

As far as we can tell, what's missing, among other things includes 2 or 3 Foodpickle questions and about a dozen foodpickle *answers* -- obviously including yours.

So sorry for the confusion and thanks for asking.
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