What are some must have (or personal favorite) kitchen related wedding registry items?


Sarah J. June 23, 2015
We just launched our registry today—https://food52.com/shop/registry—which means you can register for all of your favorite Food52 Shop items right now!
Kari J. July 6, 2011
The most popular item that couples register for at our store, is without question, a KitchenAid stand mixer (lately, the Pistachio color!)

I really like SKK's answer too - it's hard to know what a couple has/wants/will get or where theyll be living!
lorigoldsby July 6, 2011
Items 1-3 on Sexy's list can't be beat. You can pretty much make anything with those.
Sam1148 July 6, 2011
A good picnic basket. One with full tableware settings, and accessories. (containers, glasses, etc). Depending on the couple, classic wicker style is more upscale...but the newer 'backpack' ones might be more practical for younger urban couples.
Personally, I like the willow ones as those can last generations and have a larger storage area for service for four.

A sousvide supreme (if you're into trying sousvide).

The kitchen aid mixer is also a classic gift item. As is a vita-mix mixer.

sexyLAMBCHOPx July 6, 2011
Here's my suggestion:

1. Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer
2. Food Processor
3. Good knives
4. 18/10 heavy stainless steel flatware
5. dutch oven
6. pots & pans
7. colander
8. silpat
9. bakeware - all sizes, including rolling pin
10. measuring spoon/cups
11. tongs, spatula, wooden spoons, spider
12. slow cooker
13. waffle maker (if thats your thing)
15 add some good cookbooks
16. kitchen towels
17. salt & pepper grinder
18. cutting block for meat and chopping
19. colander
20. fine mesh sieve(s)
21. dinnerware
22. cake plate
23. platters, bowls, decorative
24. veggie peeler, garlic press, melon scoop, ice cream scoop
25. ice cream maker
26. multipot
27. pyrex
29. cheese knives with board
30. chip & dip
31. onion chopper
32. small food processor
33. coffee maker
34. tea keetle
35. silicone basting brush
SKK July 6, 2011
A gift certificate to a great kitchen store so the happy couple can pick their own gift. It has been the most appreciated. Doesn't have to be moved, hauled or stored.
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