Too hot to cream butter and sugar without melting!! Suggestions?

Help! I'm trying to make a cake that starts by creaming butter and sugar together and it seems that the temperature inside my third floor apartment is just too warm for this. Started with solid room temp butter (and sugar) and after 3 min in the food processor, I have liquid goo. I stuck it in the fridge for a while thinking maybe after it cools and regains a little backbone I could try buzzing it again....but now wondering whether its wiser to start over to get true fluffiness. Suggestions would be most welcome!!

(Get A/C is coming to mind, but probably not a short term fix...)

yeast lady


EmilyC July 14, 2011
I agree with Panfusine, chill your mixing bowl. Also, do you have a mixer (either hand or stand) might heat up less than a food processor does after several minutes of use. I would start over if you've got extra butter.
Panfusine July 14, 2011
chill the mixing bowl in the freezer before you start creaming..
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