Anybody know what variety of plum this is? & what can I make with it? Thanks!

I found these yesterday at the local farmers market, it was labeled as 'Greek plums'.

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sarah K. July 15, 2011
Ginger and cloves! Sounds absolutely perfect. I'm pretty jealous. ;)
susan G. July 15, 2011
,,,and I make plum chutney!
Sweet photo, beautiful people.
Panfusine July 15, 2011
Sarah K... I owe you a BIG thank you...just finished canning 2 jam bottles (= 36 plums = 1.5 cups of boiled pulp & 1.5 cups of sugar) of the yummiest plum jam! your instructions were perfect! I flavored it with 2 tbsp of fresh ginger extract & 4 powdered cloves..
SKK July 15, 2011
I am so jealous. Where did you get these green gage plums? They are wonderful canned in a water bath. They don't look so pretty but the taste is divine. And you don't have to pit them before you can because they soften up so much.
sarah K. July 15, 2011
I sure hope it turns out! I'll feel so guilty if it doesn't. Also, if you don't like the texture of the mashed fruit, you can push the pulp through a strainer using a wooden spoon, or try whizzing it with an immersion blender. Plums are pretty fibrous. Just simmer them slowly, stir often, keep an eye on them so they don't burn, and let them get really soft before adding the sugar. It may take a while. Good luck!
Panfusine July 15, 2011
Awesome! thanks so much Sarak K... (i've made jam before, but its not one of those techniques that is ingrained into me yet.. I'm just going to follow your instructions to a T, I don't have much of them so no long term storage issues!
Thanks again!
sarah K. July 15, 2011
Take the pits out (cut around them, on the line, pop apart, dig out the pit), pile into a saucepan, heat on low to medium, them simmer till they're mushy, add sugar (some recipes say 1 cup sugar to 1 cup pulp, but that's gagarrific, you just add sugar to taste... more sugar is less likely to get moldy, but if you use less sugar, just keep it refrigerated and use quickly, or freeze). I would probably try some spices. Maybe cinnamon and cardamom, or star anise, a little cayenne, whatever combination strikes your fancy.

Make sure the sugar dissolves. Have you ever made jam before? The instructions in The Joy of Cooking are marvelous, and can tell you how to tell if it's ready to bottle, lovely combinations of other fruits, how to keep it sanitary, etc. Plums have a lot of pectin, so I think just plums and sugar should be fine, but check a real source first!
Panfusine July 15, 2011
@ sarah K.. Pilaf sounds like a great idea, thanks! how would I make a jam... that would be perfect since these are quite ripe!
sarah K. July 15, 2011
Ooh! Ooh! Duck breast! Seared duck with onion and plum sauce, with maybe a little vinegar and star anise? Check medieval cookbooks, they used a lot of plums.
sarah K. July 15, 2011
Yeah, we had those in our yard growing up. My mom says they're greengage. She made jam out of them, or fruit leather, which she dried in the sun, covered with a screen. You could probably do a lovely compote, and maybe serve it over pork chops. Although, methinks you're vegetarian, Panfusine. Maybe a rice pilaf?
amysarah July 15, 2011
They look like Greengage plums.
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