Hi WinnieAb, This recipe is exactly what I was looking for!! (Thanks to Cup of Jo for sharing this site today) I am making a "sorry your dog...

...died" comfort food meal tonight and was wondering if you had any ideas of what to serve along side these fab scallops?? I have a big eater on my hands, Thanks in advance!

Elizabeth Brigham
Thai-Style Scallops
Recipe question for: Thai-Style Scallops


WinnieAb July 15, 2011
Yes I am sorry about the dog, too! Flgal is right- rice would be perfect. Or rice noodles. So would stir-fried snap peas, green beans, etc. Hope the meal works out :)
flgal July 15, 2011
Snap peas and rice would be good with it. Sorry about the dog!
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