A question about a recipe: Warm Beet Greens with Sour Cream Dressing

In Step 2 it says: Spread the greens in the pan and cover with a lid." When I cook beet greens (usually freshly picked or frozen right after picking) they tend to turn into an unappealing grey when covered so I stopped covering them at all, although many recipes tell you to cover them. Any ideas what could be causing this discoloration, and do you think not covering them in this recipe would be OK? Thanks.

Nadia Hassani


Nadia H. July 17, 2011
I hear you - will have a stopwatch next to the stove next time :-)
Amanda H. July 17, 2011
The beet greens are covered for such a short time in this particular recipe that -- happily -- it doesn't affect their color. You cover them, then lift the cover to toss them with tongs, cover them again, and toss with tongs again, so they're never covered for an extended period of time -- and the whole process takes just a few minutes. I made it again yesterday with Swiss chard and it worked with them as well. Hope this is helpful!
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