Poached egg over greens...

This might sound odd but my favorite breakfast is a poached egg over greens, any greens. I had a delicious poached egg over frisée with a wonderful vinaigrette. Anyone else ever experiment with this? I'd love suggestions for greens and light dressings. The healthier and flavorful the better. I like green for breakfast!

  • Posted by: Karli
  • January 26, 2012


Naina L. January 26, 2012
Love spinach with eggs. I sauté my spinach with some oil and then, put it in a small ramekin. Then, I gently crack an egg on the top, drizzle some olive oil and some salt and pepper. I put the ramekin in a water bath and gently poach it for 8-10 minutes. And if time permits, some shaved parmesan cheese on the top caps it all!
lorigoldsby January 27, 2012
Or goat cheese and the spinach!
lorigoldsby January 26, 2012
Don't forget baby spinach and in the spring, sautéed ramps with mushrooms!
Greenstuff January 26, 2012
Yum, bigpan! The Flemish like something like that too--or they did when I lived there 30-some years ago. We'd mash butter, lemon juice, and softly hard-boiled eggs together and serve it over newly harvested, peeled, steamed white asparagus. They liked it so much that we made trips to the asparagus farm every few days and eat it--with nothing else--for dinner.
bigpan January 26, 2012
Italians like a poached egg over fresh steamed asparagus. I often serve it as a dinner appetizer.
aargersi January 26, 2012
Dandelions when you can get them!


babycakes16 January 26, 2012
Sounds delicious and now I want to try it! Maybe an egg over sweet butter greens with a raspberry vinaigrette
Greenstuff January 26, 2012
Totally not odd! Ditto, I love the traditional frisee and bacon--salade lyonnaise--but I've also had great luck with other greens. The slightly sturdy, bitter ones seem to work best. Venus, a restaurant in Berkeley, always has them on their breakfast as well as their lunch menu. Their current description is "2 poached eggs atop a nest of wild mushrooms, tomato, goat cheese, arugula and frisee, with tapenade toast 9.50, add bacon bits for 1.00 extra."
pierino January 26, 2012
The classic of course is frisee au lardon's with that runny egg on top (use the best, freshest eggs you can find). And lardons are chopped bacon, so for breakfast, why not? You might experiment with different greens, say escarole or cooked down mustards. Knock yourself out.
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