Coconut oil in pie crust?



beyondcelery July 18, 2011
@SKK: ah, shucks; I just try a lot of crazy ideas. Your posts are awesome too.
SKK July 18, 2011
@Syronai - you are so smart with this! Love your posts.
beyondcelery July 18, 2011
Yes, using the flaky pate brisee method. Though I'm sure it'd work with graham crackers too--possibly even better. It doesn't work quite the same as butter and your crust won't be as flaky, but keep it cold and cut it in very thoroughly and it'll work well. The main problem I've had with it is that cold coconut oil is hard to cut into the flours (mind you, I'm using gluten-free flours, but it's not that different). Just don't let it get too warm or the crust will be tough, especially if you're using regular APF. Gluten-free flours are more forgiving. Also, large lumps of coconut oil don't work the same way as large lumps of butter. You want to break up the coconut oil lumps till it's really like a coarse cornmeal.
spuntino July 18, 2011
So sorry guys - I hit Enter preemptively and it automatically posted. (And there's no way to edit!) I'm just wondering if anyone has had success using coconut oil in pie crusts. If so, using the graham cracker method or the flaky pate brisee method. Thanks y'all
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